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"Crazy Hendehoh"

Editor is a very strange thing. I mean a very strange interface.

Parameter for the executable file the name of the level file. If there is no such file, the editor starts with an empty 40*40 level.
The edit screen has two parts: main part - 640*440 in the top of the screen, and a panel - 640*40 pixels in the bottom. There are eleven layers in the level: background, walls,foreground, keepers, things, drops,vents, rivers, enemies, and blocks. Only one layer is current.
By the Escape button a menu can be called. It has such things in it: "change size" - change size of the level, and, if is became smaller, cut some things; "choose layer" - choose the current layer and make some layers invisible (left column - what to show, right - what layer is current); "save" - save level to a file; "save to source" - save level to the source, that can be later included into the game (source name is the level name + ".c"), "exit" - quit the program.
There is a small map in the left side of the panel.
Background and foreground. These layers are made of a set of images, each to one cell. When you edit these layers, you have to click at the panel to choose one of the images, and to the main area to change layer.
Walls. Same as background/foreground, but you set the walls, damaging cells, exit and buttons.
Keepers. This layer shows no panel. Clicking at the layer can change cells. If cell is a keeper and at least one dot of the hedgehog is in that cell and he is not in the 'ball' state, he does not fall down. So the keepers are the ladders.
Things. You can choose thing type in the panel, place them by the left button of the mouse end edit by the right.
Drops. To place a drop, you have to click at it's top point and move mouse down. Editing by the right buttin.
Vents, rivers and blocks. To place them, you have to click at the left top corner and unclick it in the right bottom. Editing by the right button.
Enemies. To place them, you have to choose the enemy in the panel and click on the main area to create it. Editing by the right button of the mouse. Different enemies are edited differently.
If you quit the editor without saving you lose all the changes! The editor saves only when you say it to do this.
You can report bugs, write messages, etc. at the page Logo