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"Crazy Hendehoh"

This project includes a libary "gamELibrary", game "Crazy Hendehoh" and a level editor.
License: GPL for game end editor, lGPL for library.
OS: Linux, Windows; also can be easily (I hope) ported to other OSes, where SDL_mixer works
Language: C++
Game type: 2d arcade

The project was primarily created for the programmers' contest, setted up by Small Science Academy of Ukraine. It's aim is creating a small library  and some example programs for the lessons of informatics. There is a sort of lessons (I could not find their english name in the dictionary), where the pupils can be if they wish, and where they study something unusual - as example, solve problems from the mathematics contests or study programming by writing small games. The "gamELibrary" was written like a library for such a lessons, and the game and editor were written to let the pupils look at the implementation of some parts of the game or write own games based on this one.

Sunny Hedgehog,

P.S. You can report bugs, write messages, etc. at the page